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How to troubleshoot common problems occur in home projector

Publisher: cherry - Time: Fri-Nov-2014

When using a digital projector in your home theater system, there are several general problems that may occasionally occur. Problems with the projector lamp, overheating and an improper cable connection are all common. All three of these issues you can correct by yourself, although replacing a projector lamp is often pricey. Outside of this, you probably are not going to spend a dime fixing your indispensable digital projector.

How to troubleshoot common problems occur in home projector
Following a few simple steps to teach you how to troubleshoot:

1.Verify the cable connections running into the projector. If the cables are not completely inserted into the device, you are not going get a clear signal and the picture quality will drop.

2.Clean off the air intake vent with a soft cloth. If this vent becomes dusty, it locks the equipment's heat inside, causing it to overheat. Once the projector reaches a certain temperature, hardware shuts down (the exact temperature is going to vary depending on the device you are using). If the vent is deep, spray a few shots of compressed air into it to remove dust builds up.

3.Move the projector away from enclosed areas. You also don't want other items touching it. Outside of a ceiling mount or desk. When a projector is enclosed, the heat has no place else to go and the equipment is more likely to overheat.

4.Check that the cap is derived from the projector. If you have the projector on but nothing is being projected, it may be because the cap is still in place. If the cap is now off, it means the lamp is burnt out. Remove the lamp and insert a replacement to begin using the projector again.

5.By moving your projector, making it far away from the wall, in order to improve the performance of the projector. 

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