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Customer FAQ

 1.Product Type shorthand

OM = Original Lamp Module
OWH = Original Lamp With Housing
OB = Original Bare Lamp (without housing)
CWH = Compatible Lamps With Housing
We usually recommend the use of the original projector lamp of better quality and longer life.

2.How to identify the quality of the projector lamp?

Generally speaking, the quality of OM/OWH and OB is better than that of CWH/CB. The lifetime of the original lamps made by us can be the same as OEM. Some illegal manufacturers may use the bad materials to imitate the original lamps. These lamps may have obvious characters: rough making, short lifetime, bad compatibility, and easy to be burned in the using process. The illegal manufacturers will use bubble in the wick. At present, Sony, Sharp, Epson, BenQ... lamps for these famous projectors, can be mostly distinguished with the wick. Please check and distinguish carefully, and don't be cheated when purchasing. 

3.How to Replace a Projector Lamp?

when dim projection effect happens, you must be prepared to replace the lamp.

We recommend you to check up the user's manual for the exact instructions for your specific model. In most cases, a few steps in the following can help you:

· First,Turn off the machine and allow the lamp to cool completely.
· Second,Remove the cover.
· Third,Unscrew the lamp housing unit.
· Fourth,Remove the old lamp.
· Fifth,Screw in the new lamp and replace the housing unit and cover. The most important thing to remember is that you should never touch the lamp or housing directly with your fingers.

4.How to maintain the projector lamp life extension?


There are a few of steps for you here to prolong the life of your projector lamp.

· First of all, , allow the projector to be cool completely after using each time before moving it or packing it into the carrying case. You should also avoid the extreme temperatures--don't leave the projector in the car during the summer until when it is below 40 degrees.
· Another tip to make your projector lamp last is cleaning the projector filter with compressed air every couple of months.
· To reduce the number of switch machine for lamp life.
· Projector every work time, should not be more than four hours, otherwise the projector in the long time work process, exudes great heat inside the lamp, also have a very high temperature, easy to cause the rapid attenuation of the brightness of the lamp.
· The projector in the normal working of air humidity between about 45%--60%, if the air humidity above or below this value range, the projector performance will appear unstable, or even damage to the machine will be very serious.
· When the projector is turned off, you’d better let it be cool for some time. Because of the closed design of projector, it is slow for the projector to be cool. If you unplug the power, the projection fan will stop working immediately, seriously affecting the electrical performance of the bulb and internal components. It may cause lamp explosion sometimes.
· We may leave the working projector alone sometimes, and do not want to turn off the projector. At this moment, we should use the lens cap from a point for a while. Then the projection light the heat will be blocked in the lens. But do not cover for long, otherwise it will cause damage to the lens. 


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