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Projector lamp recycling

We offer our customers the projector lamp free recycling service. Projector lamps contain a small amount of hazardous chemical materials and need to be treated with care. If you care about our environment and you would like to use our recycling service, please contact us.

Or you can contact our cooperation factory lamp recycling business: ProjectorLampRecycling.com Get the projector bulb free recycling service and cash in return.

The projector lamp recycling to protect the environment

How the light bulb will recycle disposal?

From here, lamps are returned to a processing plant for crushing. Components are separated, with environmentally harmful chemicals such as mercury removed and neutralised through distillation. Other components are melted down for re-use. Through this process, approximately 97% of an average projector lamp can be recycled; reducing what would otherwise be e-waste from entering the environment.


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