Projector Lamp R9841771

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Part Number: R9841771

Minimum Order: : 1PCS

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Delivery Detail: 1-3 days By DHL,UPS,FEDEX,EMS etc.

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Lamp Detail

Lamp P/N: R9841771

Fit for projector model:

BARCO IQ G200L (Single),BARCO IQ G210L (Single),BARCO IQ Pro G200L (Single),BARCO IQ Pro G210L (Single),BARCO IQ Pro R200L (Single),BARCO IQ Pro R210L (Single),BARCO IQ R200L (Single),BARCO IQ R210L (Single),BARCO iQ200 LL Series (Single),BARCO iQ210 LL Series (Single),BARCO SIM4 0V DR120 (Single)

Country of origin: China

Warranty: Up to 180 days

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  • BARCO IQ G200L Single%29

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