Projector Lamp For Medium X1100

Medium X1100 Projector Lamp images

Fit For Projector: Medium X1100

Part Number: 610 297 3891

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Supply Ability:3000 pc/month

Payment Terms: PayPal, T/T, Western Union,

Delivery Detail: 1-3 days By DHL,UPS,FEDEX,EMS etc.

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Lamp Detail

Lamp P/N: 610 297 3891

Country of origin: CHNIA / JAPAN

Warranty: Up to 180 days

Notes:The Medium X1100 lamp pictures and specifics for reference only.

Medium X1100 lamp specifics

Wholesale Medium X1100 lamp Part No.610 297 3891 with Competitive price and Full manufacturer warranty.

Projector lamp supplier from the country of origin.


If you have special requirements, please contact us for a quote.


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