Projector Lamp DT00205/ EP1890/ 78-6969-8583-3

DT00205,EP1890,78-6969-8583-3 Projector Lamp images

Origin: China / Japan

Lamp Type:: 150W UHP

Part Number: DT00205/ EP1890/ 78-6969-8583-3

Fit for Brand: 3M

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, , PayPal

Delivery Detail: 1-3 days By DHL, FEDEX, EMS etc.

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·DT00205/ EP1890/ 78-6969-8583-3 replacement projector lamp / bulb for 3M

· DT00205  lamp replacing and time  

DT00205  lamp replacing and time  

Replacing the Lamp

Always turn off and unplug projector when changing lamp.

Lamp and adjacent metal parts become extremely hot and can cause severe burns to your fingers. Allow the

projector to cool for at least 30 minutes before replacing the lamp.

1. Remove DT00205  lamp access door:The lamp access door is located on the back of the machine on the right side.

Use screwdriver to unscrew the cover retaining screw (1)and gently open the cover and set it aside.

2. Retaining screws: Use a screwdriver to unscrew the lamp module retaining screws. (2)

3. Remove lamp module:Grasp the DT00205  lamp module with one hand and the projector body with the other

hand. Carefully slide the lamp module out (3)using steady pressure.

4. Insert lamp module:Carefully insert (4)the new lamp module. Ensure that it is fully seated. Tighten the

lamp module retaining screws (2)to secure the lamp module in place.

Insert the hinge tabs on the left side of the lamp access door, then close and tighten the retaining screw (1)

to secure the door.

There are three lamp module screws that must be loosened. These screws are self-containing screws that

cannot be removed from the lamp module or access door.

Display DT00205 Lamp Operation Hours

To determine the lamp operation hours, follow these steps:

1. While the projector is running, press and hold the timer button on the remote control for 3 seconds.

2. The operating time of the lamp will be displayed. If the operating hours are greater than 1,900 the

"CHANGE THE LAMP, CALL A MAINTENANCE PERSON" message will appear. If the hours are

greater than 1,980 the following message will appear, "POWER WILL TURN OFF AFTER 20

HOURS" The number of hours left until shut down will decrease until 0hour is reached, then power

will be turned off.

After 2000 hours, the projector will only run for 10 minute intervals when restarted until the lamp is replaced and

the lamp timer is reset. The message "CHANGE THE LAMP" will blink at projector start up to remind you to

change the lamp.

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