Projector Lamp POA-LMP137/ 610-347-5158

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Origin: China / Japan

Lamp Type:: 275W NSH

Part Number: POA-LMP137/ 610-347-5158

Fit for Brand: SANYO

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Delivery Detail: 1-3 days By DHL, FEDEX, EMS etc.

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·POA-LMP137/ 610-347-5158 replacement projector lamp / bulb for SANYO

· POA-LMP137 lamp replacement and life  

POA-LMP137 lamp replacement and life  

When the projection POA-LMP137 lamp of the projector reaches its end of life, the Lamp replacement icon appears on the screen and

LAMP REPLACE indicator lights orange. Replace the lamp with a new one promptly. The timing when the LAMP REPLACE

indicator should light is depending on the lamp mode.


Follow these steps to replace the lamp.

1   Turn off the projector and unplug the AC power cord. Let the

projector cool for at least 45 minutes.

2   Loosen the screw and open the POA-LMP137 lamp cover. Loosen 3 screws

of the lamp and pull out the lamp by using the built in handle.

3    Replace the lamp with a new one. Make sure that the lamp is

properly and fully inserted.

4   Close the lamp cover and secure the screw

5    Connect the AC power cord to the projector and turn on the


When replacing the lamp because it has stopped illuminating,

there is a possibility that the lamp may be broken.

If replacing the lamp of a projector which has been installed

on the ceiling, you should always assume that the lamp is

broken, and you should stand to the side of the lamp cover,

not underneath it. Remove the POA-LMP137 lamp cover gently. Small

pieces of glass may fall out when the lamp cover is opened.

If pieces of glass get into your eyes or mouth, seek medical

advice immediately

Lamp lifetime may differ from lamp to lamp and according to the environment of use. There is no

guarantee of the same lifetime for each lamp. Some lamps may fail or terminate their lifetime in a

shorter period of time than other similar lamps.

● If the projector indicates that the lamp should be replaced, i.e., if the LAMP REPLACE indicator lights up,

replace the lamp with a new one IMMEDIATELY after the projector has cooled down. (Follow carefully

the instructions in the Lamp Replacement section of this manual.) Continuous use of the lamp with the

LAMP REPLACE indicator lighted may increase the risk of lamp explosion.

● Lamp may explode as a result of vibration, shock or degradation as a result of hours of use as its lifetime

draws to an end. Risk of explosion may differ according to the environment or conditions in which the

projector and lamp are being used.

Select the lamp operation when the total lighting time of a lamp

exceeds the recommended total hours of use

• Lamp mode cannot be changed for a while after turning on the

projector. Lamp needs some time to stabilize after the power

is turned on. Stored lamp mode will be active after the lamp is


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