Projector Lamp TLPLMT50/ TLPLMT5A

TLPLMT50,TLPLMT5A Projector Lamp images

Origin: China / Japan

Lamp Type:: 270W SHP

Part Number: TLPLMT50/ TLPLMT5A

Fit for Brand: TOSHIBA

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, , PayPal

Delivery Detail: 1-3 days By DHL, FEDEX, EMS etc.

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·TLPLMT50/ TLPLMT5A projector replacement lamp/bulb for Toshiba

·How to replace TLPLMT50 lamp

How to replace TLPLMT50 lamp


The light-source lamp is stored in the projector to project picture images on screen. The light-source lamp is a consumable

part. It may go off or its brightness may decrease during use, this is a characteristic of the lamp and is not a

malfunction. In these cases, replace the lamp to new one in good time. To replace the lamp, be sure to use the lightsource

lamp that is sold exclusively for the TDP-MT500 (Model TDPLMT50). For the details, refer to the operation

manual for TLPLMT50. Purchase the lamp from the delivery agent of the projector.


• Before replacing the light-source lamp, be sure to turn off the main power switch and unplug the power

cord. Replacing the TLPLMT50 lamp without turning off the main power switch can cause electric shock.

• When replacing the light-source lamp, be cautious not to drop the screws fixing the lamp into the inside of the

projector. Do not put any metal pieces or easily flammable things in the projector. If the projector is

operated with foreign material inside, electric shock or fire may be caused. If users can not take out the

foreign matters inside, ask your dealer to take them out.

• Securely fix the light-source lamp. If it is not fixed properly, it will not come on and may cause fire.

• Never shake the replaced light-source lamp or bring it near your face. The lamp may be broken and its

broken glass pieces may be scattered or enter human eyes causing injuries.

• Do not replace the light-source lamp immediately after its use, because it is very hot and may cause

burns. Turn off the power button to put off the lamp, and wait about 2 minutes until the cooling fan

comes to a complete stop. Then, turn off the main power switch and unplug the power plug. After more

than one hour has passed and the TLPLMT50 lamp has been thoroughly cooled down, replace the lamp.

• When this projector is ceiling-mounted, ask your dealer for the maintenance such as cleaning and lamp


How to replace the lamp:

1 Turn off the projector and disconnect the power cord.

2 Wait until this unit is sufficiently cooled down.

3 Turn the projector upside down.

4 Loosen the screw (a) fixing the lamp cover with

a Phillips screwdriver and remove the lamp cover

from the projector.

5 Loosen the three screws (b) fixing the lamp box

with the Phillips screwdriver.

6 Raise up the handle.

7 Holding the handle, pull out the light-source lamp

from the projector.

• Pull out the light-source lamp slowly. The lamp may burst the

glass of the lamp is pulled out too quickly.

• Do not spray water over the light-source lamp and do not put

it where children can reach it or near anything flammable. It

may cause burn or injury.

8 Holding the handle of a new lamp, insert the lamp

to main the shape of the hole in the projector.

9 Press the handle into the storage.

• Make sure that the handle is securely locked.

10 Securely screw down the three fixing screws (b)

with the Phillips screwdriver.

11 Insert the lamp cover into the projector, and securely

screw down the screw (a) with the Phillips

screwdriver to fix the lamp cover.

• If the lamp cover is dislocated, the power can not be turned on.

12 Connect the power cord and turn on the power.

13 Simultaneously press on the buttons and

POWER button  on the operation panel for more

than 3 seconds.


 Replacement Lamp can be ordered through your dealer. When ordering Projector Lamp, give following information to dealer.

• Replacement Lamp Type No; TLPLMT50

If you have special requirements, please contact us for a quote.

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