Projector Lamp 60.J6010.CB1

60.J6010.CB1  Projector Lamp images

Origin: China / Japan

Lamp Type:: Hg

Part Number: 60.J6010.CB1

Fit for Brand: BENQ

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, , PayPal

Delivery Detail: 1-3 days By DHL, FEDEX, EMS etc.

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·60.J6010.CB1 replacement projector lamp / bulb for Benq

· 60.J6010.CB1 lamp replacement step

· 60.J6010.CB1 lamp rest time  

60.J6010.CB1 lamp rest time  

Resets the 60.J6010.CB1 lamp timer. This should only be done after the lamp has been replaced

This displays the number of hours the 60.J6010.CB1 lamp has been used. (The lifetime of the lamp is 

1500 hours.) If lamp usage exceeds 1000 hours, the Lamp indicator light blinks. When the lamp hours reach 

1300, a warning message “Lamp!” displays on-screen. The Lamp indicator light keeps blinking. When the 

lamp usage exceeds 1500, the projector will automatically shut down. When this happens, contact your 

BenQ dealer for a new lamp.

Resetting the lamp counter

 On the control panel, simultaneously press and hold 

 the S, T, and  POWERbuttons for at least 


■ Once the lamp life exceeds 1,500 hours, the lamp will 

not light, even after you replace it. The lamp counter 

must be reset as soon as a new lamp is installed.

■ Do not reset the lamp life without replacing the 

60.J6010.CB1 lamp.

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